Sweet Ginger Asian Bistro

Dear customers:

Due to the current renovations happening on the block where our restaurant is located, it is almost impossible to offer our best service, the one our customers are used to whenever they visit our location in CityPlace, now Rosemary Square.

Though we understand that these renovation works --a $550 million investment that will transform CityPlace from a retail and entertainment center to a vibrant community and destination-- will bring more benefits to all, it is noisy and difficult for our customers to access our facility and have a meal as they would expect.

For these reasons, we have decided to wait until the current renovation works are complete in the block where our restaurant is located.

We will keep you up to date via email and our social media networks with more information about the current status of the renovations and the date we are ready to reopen again.

Please follow our social media for more information.


The Management
Sweet Ginger Asian Bistro